Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are You Stoned Too?

Poor Poor Hunter with her screwed up shoulder and back. All sorts of knotted up and no insurance, no doctor. I'm sorry Baby. It hurts me to just look at you. Thank God for Shane and his magical chiropractor. I'm going to tell you something, you are honestly the only person I know that could go to get adjusted and come out with a styrofoam cup full of free weed. It's just  ridiculous really. I was so happy though to hear that little singsong lilt to  your voice again though. It's been to long. 

 Okay, once again, very nice tinfoil bowl you were trying to concoct. What are you 14? Seriously, I don't smoke pot and I could of come up with something better than that piece of crap. Oh yeah, I did. I just happened to find an unused bowl hanging around in my store of a house. So you were lucky (as was I) that the kids were walking in as you were once again about to try and blow the tinfoil one out my window. It bought me some time to find you the one with the  dolphin on it that I bought in Antigua as a stocking stuffer long ago.

 God almighty. 

So I had so much fun hanging out with you. Especially when we got to the "What are we going to eat?" portion of the night. Seeing as I hadn't showered in a day or two and you were pretty much lit, going out wasn't an option. So into the kitchen. I should have taken a picture of the joy in your eyes when I pulled out that gyoza. I ran upstairs to do something. When I came down you were bustling around that kitchen like some jacked up Martha Stewart. Except for that nasty soy sauce dip you made. This is where I came in handy. I made an equally gross mustard one, but when you put them together they were delicious. Even on the pizza. My favorite part was when I said, "If you use the exact right amount of each on the crust, it taste's like bernaisse." And you tried a little, shook your head yes and with complete innocence go, "Wait, are you stoned too?"

I love you Man. Now get better you freak. I miss you. 


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Yes, I'm stoned... Well actually not right now, but I'll be getting to that before good ol granny wakes up...
    You see now, that I need my medicine..
    That was the first 5 weeks that I have ever been apart from my friend. That beautiful plant that grows right out of the ground, (that some refer to as a weed) makes all the difference in the world!! Much better than the pharmacuticals the so-called Doctors would prescribe!!
    Anyway, It has made me happy to be living in this rain forest, (otherwise known as the Northeast).. My pain is a lot less, and I seem to be able to be within 100 feet of granny without thinking really bad thoughts!!?? I cleaned and re-organized the rather small shoe box I'm living in, wrote a ton, and ate some strange combinations of food! Things are looking up! Except there is one bad thing... After my adjustment, (where I got the styrofoam cup filled with stinky green bud and the free 1 hour massage from the Costa Rican woman), I had a relapse of the sinus thing!! Yes, I have had to use the Neti Pot twice last night!!
    Shut up Sarah! I can hear you from here!!
    I needed to get all these toxins out!! That's what a good adjustment is all about!! (and the free weed!)
    So i'm gonna go blow smoke rings, watch my newly born baby deer, use the Neti Pot and prepare for my favorite celebration... SUMMER SOLSTICE!!
    I've been in heavy prep for this event...I've got my lists, my offerings and the hope for dry weather, (for the bonfire)...
    Everythings a shiftin...


    I love you man!

  2. Word to your Mother, Baby.

    These time's they are a changin'.

  3. Nothing's better than Mystery Sauce. I once made a Ragu under the influence of nasty Hallcinogens. It was damn near pallatable.

    Cheers, you Two.