Monday, June 8, 2009

Where'd You Go?

I miss you so. Seems it's been forever since you've been gone...

I love that song. My brother hates it. You know which brother I am talking about don't you? My gay brother that everyone of my friends falls in love with because he is the most spectacular person on the face of the earth. The one that you said you would like to lick the inside of his mouth? That's just gross to say to someone's sister. I'm gonna tell you though, you weren't the first and you won't be the last. Apparently he has that effect on women. To bad he likes men. I will tell you though. He asked me about you specifically. He even offered up his mouth. He has been known to make out with woman occasionally. Or so he tells me. I'm thinking Hunter, maybe it's him your supposed to marry, not Gary. Then you would have my old last name and not Suzy's. You would no longer be a symbol but a famous author. Just a thought. If we can talk my brother in to it. 

Anyway, I miss you Man. All this work is seriously cutting into my note taking of your daily happenings and what with Syd gone? We're low on material. I could talk about you going to the park with song writing guy to smoke some weed and the paranoia that came with that when you thought he was going to go all axe murderer on you. I think he reads this every once in a while. It was Hunter who said, not me, I don't even smoke.  Or I could talk about the things you always want to tell about me but I won't. That would be stupid Bob. What the fuck ever happened to Bob anyway? Seriously, did he morph into a hacksaw or something? That'll teach us to publicly call someone a pedophile! Lesson learned! Straight up. Oh well, he was boring the ever loving shit out me anyway. I'm glad he's gone. We didn't even include him in our little ritual. Which by the way, totally worked. Mac is OUTTA here. There will be no need for you to ring his doorbell and bitch slap him, as much as the idea amuses me, it's not necessary. He flushed himself with all that ridiculous cheap talk. Who does that? What about Cork Cork Corkhole. Corkhole. He's a corkhole. Did he buy that baby yet? Is he still inviting you to the farm? He's a corkhole. 
I've been up since 4.30 and had slightly to much caffeine.
I love you Man.
I miss you. 
I'm proud of you though. 
You rock it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

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  1. Dearest Sarah,
    I too have been awake all night. It has something to do with full moon... Everytime she she shine's so bright, I forget to wear my blue blockers to bed... Her reflection makes me reflect on my life and the things that I need to change...
    I have been swimming in the toilet bowl known as Life... I thought I was a really good swimmer? After all I'm an Aquarian. We love water.
    Right now, I'm barely treading water. I need to sign up for lessons at the local YMCA Asap!!...
    As for material... We gotta lot, but it's not so funny,(hence the comment about the toilet bowl i'm swimming in). But we can always turn it around and laugh,riiiigghhht!?
    Ok then. I divorced my family this week! I am officially now my granma's BITCH. I have yet another toilet to clean,(i'm grateful). I go to court tomorrow to beg and plead with the judge, for a fucking payment plan,(I got a ticket last week for driving my shuttle down a road that was closed between 4pm-6pm).. The fine was $25 but when life got done with me it was a buck 10... I have to go to court because all this so called work, only left me $23 for the week!?? I'm in love with 2 men, one's gay the other is living across the country with his girlfriend..(but he keeps professing his love)??? I haven't had my fucking WEED in almost 3 weeks!!!! Need I explain more?? The bank won't let this lovely country man buy my house, and has now sent me into forclosure... My creditors have found me thru bank records and are harassing my grandmother..(another reason for the DIVORCE)... I shrunk her girddles AGAIN, and need a home education class at 40!! There is more, but I'm having a panic attack writing about it. Oh, I need medication for that say's the parents,(another reason for the DIVORCE)!!!
    So i'll leave you with that cup of positive tea on a sunny Monday morning.. I'm off to watch a very moody 2 year old..then clean her mothers toilets while she sleeps in her pac and play...Dreaming of teddy bears and baby dolls...
    I MISS YOU Sarah!
    Times are tough.
    I just need some swimming lessons...