Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dearest Sarah,

I was reading somewhere that we could "rid" ourselves of bad people by having a ritual...

It said something like, We make paper doll cut-outs of all the people we want to say, "Buh bye" too...

Then we write all the things that make us sick on the front...
Then we dunk them in red wine...toss pebbles at them...
Snuff out a cigarette on their stupid face...
Dunk them in the pool a couple times (only to cool them off)...

Then toss them over the fence!!!

All while chanting, "Good bye Mother Fuckers."

Let's give it a try ol' pal.

I love you Man.


  1. I don't know Hunter, that sounds a little PYSCHO. I mean, who would do that?
    It's insane.
    It's crazy.
    IIIIII Like It.
    I'm In.
    Count me in.
    You can always count me in.
    Even if I'm keeping the seat next to you in the holding cell warm.

    I don't think I got tan at all yesterday.

    Bob's a fuckin' idiot.


  2. I wont cut fresh flowers for you......
    Oh JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck you Jesse!!!

  3. yesyesyes can I join this ritual ....I can think of at least two people that deserved to be dunked and explitives yelled at!