Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vertigo, The Nettie Pot and Will She Turn Blue?

Ah the vertigo. The fucking vertigo. It's all I ever hear about. Hunter is constantly complaining of vertigo. "It's an inner ear thing. Inner ear. Inner ear. I can't stand up. I can't sit down. I've got vertigo." Listen, if we want to talk dizzy, let me tell you how I had to sit down while teaching today because of a major head rush. I don't know why it happened but I'm not crying "vertigo" though.
I think the only reason she fell out of the pose the other day in her class was cause she couldn't hold it. If it had been me teaching that class and not her luva Brad, I would of totally yelled, "Get up. You're weak. You suck. Get out of my class!" :)

But whatever, you say vertigo, I say dizzy. You say potato, I say patato. I hate that saying. Who but a complete asshole would say patato? 

Anyway, back to the title. What's next? Ah yes, the nettie pot. Now I love a nettie pot just as much as the next hippie or as the next person that loves a nettie pot but I think you are abusing the nettie pot Hunter. I have to interrupt myself here and tell you I once had to tell a friend to never say the words "nettie pot" to me again because I thought she used them to many times in a sentence and look, here I go doing it...  Back to my point. I think you are treating the NP like some sort of skunk bud you happened upon. It's just burning a hole baby. The thing is the NP isn't going anywhere. Give it a break. I don't want you to go blind.

And last but not least, the silver. Our dear little self appointed Facebook Police of the Pedophile Pictures has taken it upon herself to treat all her ailments with some sort of silver. It is supposed to have quite a success rate but there is that one little glitch that it could make you turn blue. It's not even her nonsense. I know it's true cause I saw it on CSI Las Vegas one time, the one with Grishom. I think that's where I saw it. There was a definitely a blue guy. I'm going to go out on a limb and ask everyone to say a little prayer for Hunter that she doesn't turn blue. I don't want her to walk around like some freak. Well, anymore than she does now. 

I love you Man.

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  1. ok I have to admit...I had to google nettie pot because I had no idea what it was...and really it works? it that fabulous?...hmmm not to sure about the nettie pot...maybe i'll just have to try it