Thursday, April 23, 2009


Gone gone gone, she been gone so long
She been gone gone gone so long

Hunter went away today. She slept over again last night so I could do her 
hair before she left. She complained the whole time I did it. She hates her hair 
today. We all hate our hair the first time we blow dry it after it has been 
professionally done. It's the way of the world. 
There's just no getting around that. Knock it off.

She walked out of my house with my clothes on with my bags in her hands.
 It almost looked like me leaving. She drove herself all the way to the airport, 
she only txted me twice wondering if she was going the right way.
She made it. She parked. She got to her terminal. She landed in Miami. 
My little girl is growing up.

TXTs-to Hunter-edited to make us appear more "normal."
"If your plane goes down I will miss you like crazy but continue
 to blog as if you are alive."

"Did you make it to the Catalina or did you fuck it all up and now 
you're in Disney World?"

"Avoid anyone with a syringe or a cotton ball full of chlorophyll."

"No, I don't think we should start a business selling wipes in the airport.
 Genius, but there must be a reason 
they're not there already."

"No, I don't know why."

Then it stopped and...
I got a lot less txts today. 
I got a lot less phone calls.
I laughed less.
I didn't drink any wine.
I didn't get teased...
about my space ship,
 my hair,
my itching,
my dog,
my culinary skills,
my twilight zone life,
 my circus tricks 
or my eating habits.
I missed that. 

I did however get a lot of boring stuff done that I manage to avoid when she's here. 

Thank God  she's coming home tomorrow.

I love you Man. 

I just turned on the tv. Starsky and Hutch is on... not old school. Ben Stiller
and Owen Wilson S & H. Do you know what the opening song to this movie
Barry Manilow! "I Can't Smile Without You." Swear to God. Can't laugh and I 
can't sing. I'm finding it hard to do anything. 
As in all games we play I have to pick a character. I wanna be Hutch. 
Starsky's kindof a dork. Until that whole dance off when he's all coked up. 
That's the shit man. Right there.
 I'm still Hutch. Maybe we both are.
You know who Starsky is. 
Fo shizzle.

This movie has more one liners than Stripes. 
I stand by that. 
Seriously, Jason Bateman and Snoop Dog are in it. 
"Did he shoot Corky?
Your boy shot his tail off!
Corky lost his tail?
Yeah well you should keep that thing in a terrarium.
What the hell is a terrarium?
A terrarium is a artificial ecosystem, it's designed
to simulate Corky's natural habitat.
Well, I can dig that, but I say
we shoot him in the ass.
Oh, hell yes."
I don't think it ever got the acknowledgement 
or accolades it deserved. 
I don't even think it was considered for an Oscar.
That's just stupid Bob.


  1. If'n you're Hutch, can I be Huggy Bear?

    My favorite line....."Yea. We're like Luxembourg."

    Chin up. They always come back.

  2. You are Huggy Bear.

    "Around here we govern ourselves." so I get to decide that.

    She's on her way home.