Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So, How 'Bout Today?

I feel much better now that i have the weed. Even though it's raining, cold and disgusting, things look a little bit better. I do feel like calling Sally and just yelling at her for no reason at all. That's a daily thing though, nothing to do with being sick of it. It didn't bother me when the 2 year old I'm babysitting had a meltdown over the bowl she was using with the cottage cheese. I just gave her the container and some blueberries and let her play. I'm not to mad about the traffic that I had to sit in even though it was gridlock. I should have been losing my mind. That tiny hit helped. I'm not to mad that I have been stuck here for five hours and I have things to do. I'm not to mad at the bulldog here. Usually all he does is try and hump me. He did it today. I kinda liked it. No I didn't. I"m not to bothered I haven't read the spiritual tune up. I'm not to mad that none of my ex's have called me today. I need a new boyfriend. One that doesn't have ex in front of it. I'm not to mad that I haven't had any cigs today. I'm really happy I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, for the first time in eight months. I'm really happy that when I get done this fuckin' baby sitting job that I can smoke my weed. I am really really really happy that the weather channel says for the next three days there could be sun. There could be. It's a possiblility. I have hope. I know I'm not in the NE, I'm pretty sure this is London or Seattle or a rainforest. I haven't seen this kind of weather in 15 years. But it's okay, they said there could be sun. Then I will be really happy. And thank you Sue for sharing that you get your nether regions tidied up. That made me so happy to. Happy for you and for your husband. I guess. Kind of. A little. Not really. Not at all. Oh yes it does. 
I'm so happy. 
I love you Man. 

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  1. Ahhhhh....that little hit. The teeniest of tiny after a Long dry spell.

    It does wonders for the Soul.

    Enjoy the Sun. (that fucking Recluse)

    I always do.