Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tell Me How Your Feeling

"Hot, cause it's fucking hot in here. It's fuckin' raining, it's fuckin' wet, it's fuckin' cold outside, this fuckin' dog is bothering me, my fuckin' hairs fucked up, I'm sick of your fuckin' carpool, I'm sick of married people, I'm sick of my ex boyfriend, I'm sick of my toes that are not done, I'm sick of my cat knocking down pictures, really, seriously she knocked down four pictures last night, I'm sick of cleaning toilets, I'm sick of pubic hair, I'm sick of fuckin' driving, I'm sick of not having any weed, I'm sick of not getting a buzz from my beer, I'm sick of babysitting, I'm sick of people telling me what to do, I'm sick of Sally, I'm sick of boys that don't have a chance that that keep trying, I'm already sick of my vibrator( I've only had it two days), I'm sick of not having sex, I'm sick of sex, I'm sick of people that have it that don't use it when it's right there, I'm sick of Omer (I'm on day one), I'm sick of taking the trash out on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm sick of fucking getting gas, I'm sick of kids listening through doors, I'm sick of the GPS, I'm sick of not getting the books I want at the library, I'm sick of the small aisles in the stores and I'm really sick of people not saying, excuse me, please and thank you, I'm sick of fat free food.
All right, I feel better now I love you Man."


  1. Fat free food should be punishment for Shoplifting.

    As for the Weed.......I'll make some calls.

    I love you Too. Man.

  2. You're harshing my mellow, man.... I love having sex, I love fat free cool whip, I love my dog, I love the flowers, so I love the rain, I wax my nethers so I have no pubic hair, I love my car, so I love driving, I love YOU, and YOU, and this blog.